MDC - Mobile Device Coaster

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MDC - Mobile Device Coaster

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The future of tableware. Simple, lean and green solution to bringing technology to the table or bar. A Mobile Device Coaster is great for a restaurant, sports bar, coffee barista/shop, who want to take business to the next level. It has been scientifically proven that a mobile devices carries more harmful bacteria, virus and fecal-matter than a toilet seat. 


Dear, Chef and Manager... Do you want your culinary art to be recognized and appreciated or not? Your customers are so distracted with there mobile devices that they forget to taste and enjoy the food. When you offer your customer a Mobile Device Coaster for there mobile device, you are offering a back rub or foot massage with the meal. You are politely asking them to enjoy the blessed food they are about to eat. Overall It compliments the ethic of the entire dining establishment. Your customer will dine with two hand instead of one. 

Adding the Mobile Device Coaster to your inventory will result in larger tips and better menu selections. You can help your customer enjoy food and atmosphere. This is a small investment into taking your business to the next level. What other Mobile Device tableware solutions will give you so much for so little? 

Low cost, Recyclable future of mobile device tableware. 

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Made from the finest recyclable material. Invented and manufacture in San Antonio Texas, USA.


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